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Guitar Lessons, Repair & Maintenance Services

Guitar Lessons, Repair & Maintenance Services

I am a fun, energetic, and experienced guitar teacher! I teach all styles from rock to jazz, classical and everything in between. If you're looking to get jamming on your favorite tunes in no...
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

See anything wrong with the neck of this Ukulele? Hopefully not. This is a recent repair I undertook. The Uke had been stepped on and the neck cracked right off the body. It looked grim for this instrument but with the correct tools and a little bit of glue, I was able to re-attach the neck. Many customers think their guitars are irreparable due to severe body damages, however, most of these problems can be fixed quite simply. Never put your Ax to rest without letting The Geetar Guru have a look at it first.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


A setup is the process of fine-tuning the guitar's overall action by making adjustments at the neck, bridge and nut. Setups become necessary because of travel effects, changes in string gauge, climatic conditions, and just basic differences in playing styles. You should have your guitar checked periodically to make sure your Ax is in the best possible playing condition.


Old pick-up comes out, new pick-up goes in. Different pick-ups do different things, and can really affect your tone. If you're looking to get more out-put, more sustain, or looking for that vintage sound, switching out your pick-ups is a fast and easy way to achieve it. Also, if you're getting a weak signal, or no signal at all from your electric guitar or bass, let the Geetar Guru take a look inside. It could just be a simple wiring fix.

Nut Replacement

I recently had to replace a broken nut on a customers guitar. The nut plays an important role in the tone and playability of your instrument, and needs to fit your guitar just right. In the photo below you can see some of the stages of shaping a new nut. If you have a broken nut, buzzing open strings, or uncomfortable string height, let the Geetar Guru make a custom nut for you today!